The Great Reading of Newspapers

The Great Reading of Newspapers was my first attempt at making motion pictures. I was 12. The movie was technically a PowerPoint presentation with music and carefully timed transitions but, I promise you, no one could tell the difference! You would hit play and the presentation will play all by itself for 12 minutes. You can say I had a high start in making presentations. That came useful a decade later when I took on a consulting gig with PwC in Chicago (more on my LinkedIn).

Anyway. The Great Reading of Newspapers follows my two twin sisters and their best male friend, all aged 8, in our backyard. One day in the garage, they find several boxes with old newspapers. Each newspaper boosts on its last page an erotic picture of a semi-naked woman. Luckily, their older brother is just around the corner to record the mischiefs and The Great Reading of Newspapers begins. You wish you could see the faces of their parents, friends and our our neighbors when they saw the film which became a sequel with The Great Reading of Newspapers II and 5 Stars at Home making a splash the following year.

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