I don't give up easily

Vesko Cholakov

I'm fascinated by people, languages, culture and technology. I try to make sense of my world with words and with numbers.

In my teen years, I directed two documentaries which taught me about graphics, 3D modeling and rendering. I thought then my might was in filmmaking — screenwriting and directing. I wanted to conquer Hollywood. I was naïve, I still am and I hope to continue to be.

At college, I jumped between subjects — from psychology to economics. I eventually settled on journalism and computer science. I was hooked to the possibilities of making machines more like humans. My passion in unearthing and telling stories grew stronger. How my distinct interests connect, I still don't quite know.

I look for simplicity. I insist on beauty. I believe in emotions. I think those are part of answer to the question how to bring positive change to society.

I aim to uphold truth and contribute with a meaningful comment from a new perspective. I give voice to my thoughts on my blog and with photographs. Both give me an excuse to travel, meet people, ask questions and get to know places and minds which ordinarily I would not access.

I grew up as a normal happy kid in the coastal city of Burgas in Bulgaria. I went to a math and science high school where I found it uplifting to reason about humanities through the logic of math and break out of the limitations of algorithms through art.

I swim, run, play tennis and volleyball. I cherish a good movie, a thought-provoking book, The New Yorker and the National Geographic Magazine.

If you see me, give me a high-five, a fist-bump or a chest-thump.


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